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10 year old girl pregnant at Dekina, Kogi state


For 5 years of my life I worked for a UN Organization called UNICEF as senior consultant. UNICEF deals with children emergencies with thematic reference in Health. My work at UNICEF exposed me to the travails of children around the world especially in Africa. I have witnessed terrible things happen to children in Africa I need not mention.


It was 11.45am on Saturday morning I went visiting a ward called Ogbagbede in Dekina local Government. I had barely spent 5 minutes greeting the Obicha of Ogbagbede when I was informed of a need to build a primary health care center for the community of Ajita. As I walked with members of the community to inspect a proposed site for the primary health care center building, I saw something horrible that reminds me of what I have been seeing in the course of my work around Africa for UNICEF.

I saw a 10 years old girl with an advanced pregnancy. As I looked straight and deep into the eyes of this girl I could feel the pain and the trauma she was currently going through. As a father with a girl child of her age, I wondered and imagined how I would feel if she was my biological Daugther.

Surprisingly, during my ward tours the I observed painfully that Teenage Pregnancy was a common sight in our communities.Many of our children get pregnant before they are 12. This ugly trend must stop.

The girl child have equal rights like their male counter parts.They must never be abused sexually. They have a right to quality life and education. Getting them pregnant at that age destroys their future.

I would like to use this opportunity to appeal to all those who victimize and abuse this little children sexually to please stop.

If one is sexually pressed he should express himself on a female adult with adequate consent and not on little young girls.

By the grace of God, I have adopted for myself the girl child situation as one of my major assignments and responsibility if elected as member representing Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency.I would ensure that the right of our girls to grow peacefully without sexual harassment and abuse are guaranteed.

Please join me to say No to Teenage Pregnancy in our communities.

I love you all and God Bless you.

Cc: Philips Idakwo.


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