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Breaking: My second term will be tough – Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari says the next four years will be tough as his administration pursues its campaign promises of securing the nation, growing the economy and fighting corruption.

“My last lap of four years, I think is going to be tough,” he said.

He further explained that throughout his campaigns he stressed the fundamental promises of his administration and the need to consolidate them if re-elected.

“People are very forgetful and that was why wherever I went during my campaign, I reminded them of campaign by our party of the three fundamental issues of Security (and I kept on saying, because I didn’t mind sounding like a broken record) that you have to secure a country or an institution to manage it properly.

If you don’t secure it, you can’t manage it no matter how much propaganda you put in place.

“Secondly, the economy. The unemployed able-bodied is the problem of this country as a whole. More than 60 per cent are youth that means 35 years and below… they need to be kept busy and we had the foresight to get the ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the central bank to try and give soft loans to farmers”.

He made the remarks on Friday during a special meeting with members of the Federal Executive Council at the council chambers in Abuja.


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